● The education summit, China's most influential career, has been held successfully for two times.
● More than 120 guest speakers.
● Will invited to the summit including domestic and foreign vocational education policy makers, experts and scholars in vocational education circles and industry leading figures.
● Over 1,500 vocational education workers, heads of government departments concerned, entrepreneurs, investors as well as correspondents with mainstream media.
● Dozens of countries and regions like Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Southeast Asian countries and African countries.
● Discussions on core issues such as comprehensive improvement of vocational schools, leading vocational education development by industrial transformation and upgrading, targeted poverty alleviation, the “Belt and Road” & international cooperation on vocational education, etc.>


Vocational School’s Management Skill Development Seminar

Vocational School Teachers’ Quality Improvement Seminar

Achievement Exhibition of
Vocational Education

Annual Awards of Vocational Education

Closed-Door Round Table

High-Level Dialogue

High-Level Speech

Thematic Forums

Vocational Education Carnival

André Diez de Aux
Director of Quality Services of TAFE Directors Australia

Franziska Duberbeck
Project Director of Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exh. Company

Gary Coonar
Managing Director of Melbourne City Institute of Education

Gary Murphy
Education Technology Evangelist, Former CIO of Douglas County Schools

Grant Dreher
Vice President of Victoria Polytechnic

Mary Ann Remsen
Educational Consultant and Content Expert in Curriculum and Instruction, Career and Technical Education and Family and Consumer Science Education

Martin Lockstrom
China Director of Global Institute of Industry 4.0, China Director of XU Exponential University

Mike Harper
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of zSpace

Mohammed Ali Khan
Senior Education Specialist of IFC

Robert A. Mahlman
Director of the Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) at the Ohio State University

Stuart Wever
Senior Consultant of Curriculum Development at GTA

Sven-Olaf Steinke
General Manager of Electrical of TÜV Rheinland Greater China

Virginia Simmons
Director of Virsis Consulting

Willi Lauer
Head of Strategic Business Unit Education of TüV SüD

Chunsheng Bai
Tenured Professor at California State University, Los Angeles

Jieli Bi
Vice President of China Association of Staff and Workers Education and Vocational Training, Part-time Researcher of Peking University

Yongan Cao
President of Qiqihar Institute of Engineering

Gongmeng Chen
President of GTA Vocational Education & Industrial Development Research Institute, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Ho Sum Chan
Vocational Education and Training Expert, Former Project Director at the State Government’s Kangan Institute

Lin Chen
Member of Steering Committee on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Director of Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Educational Informationization, Director of the Research Center of Wisdom Education of Jiangsu Normal University

Siyi Chen
Former Deputy Inspector of Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security

Yuhuan Chen
President of Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom, Senior Economist

Meng Chu
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sino-German Know-how (Beijing) Education Investment Co., Ltd.

Yan Ding
Vice President of Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd., Executive Vice President of GTA Vocational Education & Industry Development Research Institute

Conghua Dong
Deputy Party Secretary and President of Yuxi Agriculture Vocation-Technical College

Qian Dong
Host of CCTV

Shengzu Dong
Director of Non-government Education Institute of Shanghai Academy Educational Sciences,Executive Director of the China Association for Non-government Education

Qiaohong Fang
Executive President of Online Education Promotion Committee (OEPC) of Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd.

Qingshan Feng
Party Secretary of Cangzhou Technical College

Xinguang Feng
President of Rizhao Polytechnic

Mingyu Gu
Party Secretary of Vocational and Technical College of Anshun, Educational Inspector of Anshun Municipal People's Government and the member of Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of Guizhou Provincial Education Department

Rong Guan
Secretary-General of China Association of Development Zones

Ping Guan
Former President of Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Mechanical Engineering Society

Xiangrong He
Deputy Director of University Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of MOE, Former President of Zhejiang Industrial & Trade Vocational College

Penglin He
General Manager of Shenzhen Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

Jingrong Huang
Expert of Technician Education of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Director-General of Headmasters’ Forum on National Technicians Colleges and Universities

Yuanwei Huang
Director of Non-government Education Research Institute of Liaoning Education Research Institute, Vice President of Non-government Education Committee of Chinese Society of Education Development Strategy

Wenlin Ji
Party Secretary of Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College, Deputy Director of the Rural and Agricultural Vocational Education Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education

Jing Jia
President, Professor and Doctoral Mentor of University of DatangTelecom Technology &Industry Group

Dayuan Jiang
Director of Higher Vocational Education Research Center of Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education of Ministry of Education, President of Institute of Curriculum Development of National Center for Schooling Development Program of Ministry of Education

Guohua Jiang
Vice President of China Academy of Non-Government Education, Research Fellow of National Institute of Education Sciences

Zheng Le
Standing Member of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Director of Committee of Cultural and Historical Data

Jie Li
President of Beijing Science Institute for the Fusion of Industry and Education, Deputy Director of China Institute for Occupation Research, Peking University, President of Zhonggao International Education Technology Group

Jianyue Li
Former Vice President of Educational Technology Committee of Hunan Association of Higher Education, Professor of University of South China

Shanhua Li
Deputy Party Secretary and President of Yunnan Vocational College of Mechanical and Electrical Technology

Weimin Li
President of Xi’an Siyuan University, Executive Vice President of the Higher Education Committee of China’s Non-governmental Education Association

Wenzhong Li
Party Member and Deputy Director of the Council of Henan Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives

Shaojun Li
President of Chongqing Liangping Vocational Education Center

Shuling Li
Vice President of Tianjin Vocational Institute

Yuchun Lian
Chief Editor of the Vocational Education Section of Guangming Daily and Head of the Vocational Education Group

Duoduo Liao
CTO & Associate VP at GTA Group

Yanfen Lin
Party Secretary of Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic

Peichao Liu
CEO of Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co. Ltd

Xiao Liu
Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial Committee of 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of National Association of Vocational Education of China (Hunan)

Zhanshan Liu
Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education

Chin Kok Lau
Director of the Vocational Education Bureau of Youth Section of Malaysian Chinese Association

Jiasheng Lu
Chairman of Xiamen Nanyang College, Vice President of the China Association for Non-Government Education of Fujian, Standing Director of the China Association for Non-Government Education

Liangjun Ma

Xueming Qian
Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association and Director of National Association of Vocational Education of Guangxi

Chao Song
Trainer of the Operation Management Department of Beijing Branch of China Minsheng Bank

Zhigang Su
Vice President of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, Party Secretary of Ningbo College of Engineering

Aiwu Sun
President and Deputy Party Secretary of Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Ping’an Sun
Party Secretary of Guizhou Aerospace Vocational and Technical College

Min Tang
Counsellor of the State Council, Executive Vice President of the YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Chunlei Wang
Executive President of Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd

Zhenzhou Wang
President of Foshan Nanhai Technician Institute

Zhonghong Wang
Research Fellow at Research Department of Industrial Economy of Development Research Center of the State Council

Weisong Wei
Party Secretary of Guangxi Modern Polytechnic College and President of Hechi Vocational Education Center

Daguang Wu
Deputy President of Xiamen University, Member of Expert Committee of Undergraduate Evaluation of the Ministry of Education

Xianwei Wu
Deputy President & President of Secondary Vocational Education branch of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, President of the National Joint Conference Secondary Vocational School Principals

Hon Ng
Senior Manager of Productivity Training Institute of Hong Kong Productivity Council

Jun Xianyu
President of Kunming Fanya Venture Capital Research Institute

Zhengyu Xu
Party Secretary and Vice President of Zhejiang Guangsha College of Applied Construction Technology

Fang Xu
Vice President of TCL Group, Executive Principal of TCL University

Ke Xu
Party Secretary of Shandong Polytechnic College

Kaichen Yan
Host and Producer of China Education Television

Changju Yang
President of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, Former Director of Department of Cultural and Educational Experts of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Ke Yang
Party Secretary of Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Engineering School and ShenYang Machine Industry Officers and Workers University, Member of the Steering Committee of National Vocational Education and Teaching Reform and Innovation

Qunxiang Yang
Party Secretary of Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College

Junfeng Ye
President of Guangzhou Light Industry Senior Technical School

Kuang S. Yeh
Professor of Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation & Intellectual Property Management, Taiwan Chengchi University

Dehong Yu
Former Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Jiadi Yu
Principal Investment Officer of International Finance Corporation

Minghui Yu
Dean of Science and Technology Department of Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic and President of School of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Zhongwen Yu
Vice President of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, President of Non-Government Vocational Education Branch of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education

Huiwen Zhan
Product Manager of Guangzhou Branch of TüV SüD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd.

Bingying Zhang
Executive Vice President of Huaihai Technician Institute

Li Zhang
Dean of International Sino College of Siam University

Youzhi Zhang
Vice President of Shandong Kaiwen College of Science & Technology and President of Dingli Institute (Internet + Institute)

Yuedong Zhang
Deputy President of Jiangsu Province Nanjing Engineering Vocational College

Jiansong Zhou
President of Tertiary Technical and Vocational Education Research Association of China, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Financial College

Wen Zhou
Deputy Party Secretary and President of Hubei Jingzhou Institute of Technology

Yuenan Zhou
President and Party Secretary of Shenzhen Futian Huaqiang Vocational Technical School

Yongtao Zhu
Senior Deputy President of ZTE Corporation

Wa Zong
Deputy Secretary General of China Education Association for

● Chinese Society of Technical and Vocational Education
● China Association of Development Zones
● China Education Television
● China Productivity Promotion Association
GTA Vocational Education and Industry Development Research Institute Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd. ● Henan Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
●Guangdong Province Occupational
Capacity Building Association


● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Shenzhen)
● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Chongqing)
● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Guangxi)
● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Shanxi)
● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Hubei)
● The National Association of Vocational Education of China (Hangzhou)
● Chongqing Vocational Education Association
● Sichuan Vocational and Adult Education
● Guizhou Vocational Education Association
● GFBM Akademie [Germany]
● Taiwan Penghu University of Science and Technology
● Pronoia Group [USA]
● zSpace [USA]
● Kabwe Institute of Technology[Zambia]
● China African Precious Metals [South Africa]
● UNESCO Hong Kong Association [Hong Kong]
● Hong Kong Productivity Council [Hong Kong]
● Taiwan Dong Hwa University
● Shenzhen Zhongkuan Information Technology Co. Ltd
● Shenzhen GTA Vocational Training School
● University of Northern British Columbia [Canada]


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